Happiness is a lazyboy

Mum just called. They’ve got a new lounge suite and I’m inheriting stuff! The green couch that folds out into a bed (no more sleeping on air beds for people staying over), and the lazyboy.

Oh, the lazyboy… from the first time I sat in it years ago (and I remember both Mum and John saying it was ugly) I was in love. That chair rocks, and now it’s mine, and it’s going to be here in a couple of hours! I’ve yet to formulate a good plan as to how on earth to fit it in, but where there is a will there’s a way.

It’ll also be the perfect place to breastfeed new baby, and fall asleep, oh. Happiness really is a lazyboy.

Anyways, not I have a few moments to shuffle stuff around in the lounge and see where I might things, and then we’re off to school to enrol Ivy – scary stuff, but at least the thought of the lazy boy will keep me brave. Only a couple months til my little girl goes to school…..


3 thoughts on “Happiness is a lazyboy”

  1. Lazyboys are fantastic things. I also inherited an old one from my parents when they upgraded their lounge suite. My son has pretty much taken over it since he was big enough to scramble up on it so if I try to sit on it during the day, I immediately get a territorial toddler climbing up to join me.

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