Secret Santa

I just got a present in the mail and I HAD to blog about it. It’s probably one of the nicest presents I’ll get this year and it’s from someone who I don’t know, and who doesn’t know me.

One of the forums I frequent is OhBaby! I have done ever since I found out I was pregnant with Lauren and it’s been an amazing place to be – you’ll find answers to just about every pregnancy/baby related question you might have and it’s been lovely sharing the journey with other women who are at the same stages of their pregnancy, baby stages, or lives in general.

Every year they do a secret santa, organized by a couple of the wonderful senior members. It’s always lovely to get something in the mail, and it’s always nice to check the forums out and see when the gift you sent arrived and how it was received.

This year, far and away, was just wonderful, and perfect timing as well! I’ve been feeling quite flat, and starting to reassess just how I’m going to take back some ‘me time’ and reclaim my life a little bit. And then I get this:

Isn’t that wrapping paper gorgeous? And a lovely notebook whose title makes me smile, some pencils made from newspaper with lovely fruity designs, and Toblerone! my fav – though I only eat it when someone else buys it for me. It’s one of those chocolates that tastes best when it’s a gift. The card is gorgeous as well, and I just feel so special! This anonymous gift (all the way from Singapore!) makes me feel warm and fuzzy about writing. And very warm and fuzzy about OhBaby! as well.

Aww, I do love Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Secret Santa”

    1. It is! I actually really love pencil, which is what’s more amazing lol they are so cute. And that notebook… ah, I am so happy lol it’s amazing how much something like this can make a difference to your day!

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