Another year older

I made it to 29! Very quietly I must add, it seems that barring a couple of friends (and of course my wonderful family), everyone else forgot! I don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday, but it seems I like it even less when most of my friends don’t remember it at all. Oh and this is not about all my net friends, I don’t expect you to know because it’s not like I’ve told you! lol

It was a decent day, my brother and his family visited in the morning then we watched Ivy dance in the end of year ballet concert (she was very good! A lot of the kids were out of time and swaying the wrong way but she was watching and mimicking the big girls who were leading them – so proud!) then went to Mum’s for dinner – yum. Best way to end a birthday, and I had the best ‘cake’ ever! A plate piled high with some of the most gigantic chocolate covered strawberries I’ve ever seen.

And now it’s done with for another year, and we can move on towards Christmas which is really coming up fast. We’ve put up no decorations, and got no presents yet. It’s pay day tomorrow so I’ll have to go and blitz that sometime this week I guess.

I slacked off on the writing front this weekend, but will get back into it this afternoon. I don’t have all that long to try and complete this story! It feels like I won’t be ready to put it up for Christmas, but it’s still my goal so we’ll see how well I do. I spent a little bit of time last night drawing up some designs for costumes and that was fun. I suck at drawing, specially from my imagination, but the general idea is there and I’m looking forward to getting some fabric and other fun stuff and testing out the design. I’m hopeful that it’s an intelligent one and with a few tweaks along the way I’ll be in business (not quite literally, but you know, in a couple of years time!)


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