Tis the season

It’s the day before Christmas so I thought I’d take the opportunity to say that I hope you all have a fantastic festive season. Christmas means a whole range of things to different people and while it’s not always been my favourite time of the year, the weather is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to a stress free day this time around and lots of yummy food shared with the people I love. Should be good!

My writing has been really off track due to the seemingly endless stream of things that have cropped up and a baby who is still having erratic day sleeps. So many of the things I wanted to get done (paint the toilet room, finish that short story rewrite, finish stripping the bedroom walls etc) did not come to pass, but that’s okay. I’ve actually prepped the toilet room for painting and am going to sneak an undercoat on this afternoon (seeing as hubby is home and he can play with Lauren!). At least it won’t be an eyesore for Christmas.

I’m going to do a pre Christmas pic update, then no doubt will post some in the new year from our time together. I’ll definitely be posting between now and then though!

Take care of yourselves, enjoy your family and friends and I hope you have a happy, safe, Christmas.

Lots of love!


4 thoughts on “Tis the season”

    1. twitter? what’s twitter?? lol yeah I have been slack! no time, can never seem to catch updates when they happen! All is well 🙂 very well 🙂

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