Rewrite complete

Amazingly, I managed to finish rewriting the story last night – I was pretty floored that it happened because my track record has been terrible of late. All up I wrote around 2,000 words and while I haven’t read the whole thing yet, I’m feeling really pleased that I completed the rewrite, finally.

What will become of it now, I do not know. I guess that will have to wait for the read through 😉 In the meantime my brain has been ticking over the planned changes for Birth Rights and I think I’m ready to launch into that over the next few days. All desire to play WoW has dried up and I seem to be back on the writing band wagon. Here’s to productivity and a continued drive to write!

It feels good to be where I’m at. My head is clear, and the stories are all at my fingertips just waiting for me to dive into them.

I love it.


5 thoughts on “Rewrite complete”

    1. Thanks! It wasn’t long lived, I crashed and burned this morning but am back on track now. I tell you what, some days these pregnancy hormones really just rock the boat!

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