Another day, another thing complete

After the really terrible nights sleep I had last night, I was pretty uncertain that I was going to get anything done at all today. I was so tired, frustrated and well, miserable (picture me vacuuming, in tears, while my almost 5 year old asks me if I need to go lie down and cuddle my blanket for a bit, which of course was only going to make me cry even harder due to the pride I felt at my compassionate wee girl).

But I pushed on, did all the cleaning, I even got some washing out on the line, and then finally got the baby to sleep and lunch made for Ivy, at which point, knowing that I would have no time to myself that afternoon, I opened Birth Rights again (I’d made some changes to it last night before bed), and tweaked things until I was happy.

And I was happy. I am happy. I think it’s better, despite my initial worries that the subtle changes I was making weren’t connecting in the ways I wanted them too. I even decided to actually send it into the Au Contraire short story competition after all because quite frankly, the end of the month is rapidly approaching, and I’m not feeling like I can do better before then.

It’s really struck me over the last few days that I have nothing to lose by sending stories places. A rejection is not a loss, it’s just an indicator that for any number of reasons the story wasn’t right for the place. There is no need to take that personally. In any case, a rejection can be a gain in the event that you get some helpful feedback.

So, nothing to lose.

Not sure what comes next, though it’s nice to see my list shortened by two stories in as many days. Nothing is really grabbing me, but I have a feeling that if I have the energy tomorrow, something will.

Happy writing folks.


6 thoughts on “Another day, another thing complete”

  1. Hey JC sounds like your in a good spot even without the sleep – glad to read that!

    Good for you sending out your stories! It’s one of my goals – submit more frequently. Ok, really, I just need to begin submitting. I haven’t in a good year!

    1. That is quite some time, but life does get in the way and it’s actually pretty time consuming finding the right markets etc sometimes! I’m still after my first publication, and it might take awhile, but this year would be nice 😉

  2. Good luck with all of your submissions! You are so very right – not a thing to lose! I need to adopt that mentality myself…

    Your 5 year old sounds absolutely wonderful!

    1. She is, she really is! gonna be weird he not being here during the day.

      I think its a hard mentality to maintain – now and then I do slip up on it and head back into ‘woe is me’ land, but never for long. Wallowing is not going to do a thing for me!

  3. Oh, your sweet 5 year old! Kids are so much more perceptive and wise than we often give them credit for. Good luck with your WIPs, and thanks for your help with mine!

    1. Not a problem at all, hopefully the comments will be helpful 🙂 (when I get them to you anyways!). Kids are fantastic, I wouldn’t be without mine that’s for sure.

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