‘Nesting’ already?

Everywhere I look there are things that need doing. I’ve been finishing stripping the wallpaper scraps off the bedroom wall (Lauren’s been trying to help, its pretty cute). I’ve pulled the corner of the carpet up in the lounge to see what the wood looks like (pretty darn good if you ask me) and am dying to get in there and strip it all out. Every time I go to the loo I am reminded that I need to finish painting in there.

And now that I have just interrupted blogging to sort out the kids toys in the lounge I also want to move the book shelf into their room for their toys and re-arrange all the furniture in the lounge. Get a skip bin in, do a massive clear out….

It never ends…. I’m going to go insane with all the things I want to do but should probably get help with because they require lifting. I just want the house to be, tidy, and organized. Too much to ask for right now I think, but my brain is going ‘Girl, if you don’t get this stuff done before the baby comes, you might be waiting another several years!’ Eek, heaven forbid.

Anyway, gotta get back to it. No writing today as far as I can tell. I’m too busy obsessing about the house. I’ll try and do a pic update later on and in the meantime here is my ‘yes I ate all the pies, but I also kind of have a baby-bump’ 18 week pic:


7 thoughts on “‘Nesting’ already?”

    1. Thanks Merrilee!

      Nesting certainly is amusing – more so for everyone around the ‘nester’ than for the nester herself 😉 The kids are just off to bed so I am going to pull up the carpet….

    1. 19 today! I’ve got quite a tummy normally but definitely looking pregnant this time around where as last time I just looked fat! lol I think I’ll be huge by the time I am 26 weeks!

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