Oh my floors

They look good 😉

Step Dad popped around yesterday and helped me pull up the carpet and underlay, oh the job was so much easier with an extra set of hands! Was very pleasantly surprised by what we found underneath – I had assumed it would be in decent nick and I was so right. They need sanding back and finishing, but I am sure I can rope some willing volunteers in to help with that at some point!

He thinks it’s rimu, so lovely… they are going to look absolutely beautiful when finished and I consider it a sin to cover up such nice looking wood. Have a look for yourself:

They do need a little work, but nice stuff to work with 🙂

No writing still, no time, but I did find myself with a space last night where I started thinking about stories again. I have a vague idea starting to form and am entertaining it to see where it might lead.

Oh and if you don’t have the password for my protected posts, and you’re a regular who would like it, just let me know. I don’t do pic updates publicly (other than the occasional wooden floor, and a bump here and there lol), and the post just before this one was one I didn’t want just anyone to stumble across. That’s life folks!


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