Two years on

Happy two year wedding anniversary to us!

It’s been a jam packed couple of years, and we’ve got a lot ticked off the to-do list, more than we probably ever expected.

Two house moves, one house purchase, one baby and one on the way. One girl off to school. Several position changes for him in his job, first publication for me. One new car, one kitchen renovation complete, many other tasks begun. One death in the family (R.I.P Mojo kitty). Official graduation from my degree. There are bound to be other things but they escape me right now.

Most importantly, I still very much love my husband. And while we might not have as much time for just the two of us as we did a couple years ago, life is full and wonderful.

There is a lot to be said for this level of contentment and security. I look around at most of my friends, whose lives are often chaotic and unsettled. Where they might think my life is ‘boring’ I definitely consider it blessed.


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