Slow and Steady – NPI update

I’ve been inching along, writing less than 500 words each day, but writing all the same. I can admit that this week has been a struggle with teething, colds, and tiredness to deal with. The reality is that if I was not doing NPI this month, I would not have been writing.

So, 5 days in and I have an extra 2040 words to show for it! It sounds tiny, I know I can write that much in one day, but I’m still proud of the fact that I have written it, and I’m hoping to wrap up this short story this weekend (which is a long one, woo!) and get stuck into Chasing Ascension.

CA has been calling to me again, which is a nice thing. I am looking forward to injecting some extra life into it and then finishing the project off. I didn’t quite finish my read through last month so I might try and get that done this weekend as well so I can dive right in after finishing off this short.


6 thoughts on “Slow and Steady – NPI update”

  1. I’ve been in the same boat this March. It feels very slogging, so far, when usually I’m pretty prolific.

    It’ll get better! I think it goes in cycles, and these low times can serve as refueling times, though its always good to keep the fire alive with a few words here and there.

    1. It certainly is, I think keeping in touch on a daily basis with your wip, even if its just a couple hundred words, helps keep the flow alive.
      Good luck for the rest of the month!

  2. Hi Cassie, thanks for stopping by my place. It’s taken me a bit to get it rebuilt and it was nice to see a familiar face lurking around. I’ve added you (again) to my Links page.

  3. Hi Cassie – I’m just cathing up on your posts, and I got to this one, thinking wow – 2000 words in 5 days! That’s great! I am slow writer, it has taken a year to produce two drafts of a novel, yet I think 2000 words in one week is great progress!
    And congratulations on your upcoming publication in the anthology! Must feel great!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It does feel good indeed, though now I just want more publishing 😉

      2000 words is pretty slow for me, but then I’m a fast writer… though sloppy first drafts are standard fare here. I used to be doing 1500 words a day!

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