Goals for the Creativity Workshop

I’ve been thinking more about my goals, and how I can incorporate working on some of the issues I have while maximising my fun over the coming weeks. I’m ready to tackle some things I’ve been putting off and am in the right ‘no fear and no holding back’ frame of mind to do so.

Delaney Jones:

I tried to avoid this. I really did. I’ve been putting Delaney off for so long now that it’s getting beyond a joke. She’s waiting patiently for me, though always rattling her cage when an opportunity comes up and I’m trying to ignore her.

Damn you Delaney.

I was still trying to ignore you. I want you to stop tempting me with your interesting world and weird ass family. I have been trying hard not to think of the mysteries your life entails. I’ve been confused and fearful about just how to approach you because quite frankly my dear, in some ways you are the anti-me.

So anyways, back to the goal thing… I can’t ignore her any more. I had another goal set up in this place until about 5 minutes ago when Delaney came knocking again. Everything was planned, I was going to write four stories developing a new culture for a fantasy novel in the works. It was going to be great.

But it wasn’t going to be Delaney.

For the first four week block I shall be exploring her world. I might not be jumping for joy about it right this minute but there is a coil of nerves and excitement inside me. This could possibly be my most unique character/story yet and by gods am I afraid I’m going to mess it up.

No fear, no boundaries. No putting things off.

I’ll write four short stories: One about her entrance into the world. One exploring Father. One about her training/Family life. And one exploring how she goes about the role, as assigned by Father that is. Whores for a cause, anyone? It cracks me up to think of her as that. Oops, she’s glaring at me so I better post this before I get in trouble.

Writing action stories:

I’ve been reading some lately and watched a few action movies, and boy, I want to get into the middle of things and get my characters roughed up. I want to get caught up in the action and see where it might take me. It’s not something I’ve done much of, as I tend to focus more on emotion/character stuff, so it will be an interesting experiment. I don’t have any ideas for these stories just yet, but I figure I have some time up my sleeve.

I plan to write one story each week, based on different characters in the same piece of action. I’ll have a better idea of just what that action will be by the time we get to this block, and will post more details at the start of it.

Flash Fiction:

I have written ONE piece of flash fiction and it was a lot of fun. I loved having so few words at my disposal and I think it’s a really valuable skill to be able to write such short stories. It forces you to get right to the essence of it. I want to explore this type of writing some more.

So I’ll write four pieces of flash fiction, tied together by genre. Probably horror. I’ll flesh this out more as we get closer to it, or if I make it!

There we go. Three sets of things to work on, with ample room for ideas to sprout over the coming weeks. I think it will be easy enough to address my issues while also having a hell of a good time. If I stay present and launch myself into each story that comes up then I feel like I can’t go wrong.

Wish me luck! I’m looking forward to reading about other peoples goals.


20 thoughts on “Goals for the Creativity Workshop”

  1. Delaney sounds very interesting! I have a friend who is very much into her character as you seem to be with yours. It’s always fascinated me, her so very active ‘muse’, and I wish I could develop characters like that. Hopefully this workshop will help 🙂 (with so very much lol)

    1. Thanks Aurora! I don’t have a muse as such, and truth be told I’ve NEVER had a character come at me like Delaney has. Goodness, it’s been quite an experience. It is exciting, even if a little daunting.

      I have a feeling that this workshop will be helpful for so many of us, in so many ways. Very exciting!

  2. I think that once you have the chance to explore Delaney’s world, you’ll feel less nervous/anxious about writing her story. Right now, I know you have a lot of “unknowns” and finding out more information can only help you become more confident. And remember… even if you did screw it up (which I don’t believe you will) you can always edit it until it is right.

    As for the action stories and flash fiction… they sound interesting. Both are areas I might have to look into myself at some point, though I have more than enough on my plate at the moment. Maybe though you should try a different genre for the flash fiction? You know you can write horror, so maybe you should try something else.

    1. but horror is so fun!

      And the challenge here is that I don’t think I’ve ever written horror thats come in under 4,000 words. Besides, I’m planning on having had the baby by that point in the workshop lol, and if I haven’t I’m going to be uncomfortable and grumpy so sticking with something I know I can do is not a bad thing. We shall see anyways, I’m totally flexible at this point.

      I seriously hope you’re right about Delaney. If nothing else, it will be great to shut her up for a bit lol (I love you, Delaney, I do) I think part of the fear of letting her loose was that she might devour everything else in my life and its not really the right time for that. We shall see!

  3. Cassie, your goals sound wonderful and look forward to hearing how you go with them.

    I know how frustrating it is to have a character in your face, good luck with Delaney and hopefully you are able to give her a setting worthy of her character!


    1. Thanks Karen 🙂 I hope so too, the whole world she’s in needs developing but I think I am up to the challenge. I can spend time thinking about it over the next few days before the writing actually begins.

      How are your goals shaping up?

    1. Flash fiction is intriguing, you can always give it a try afterwards 🙂 No need to stop setting goals or exploring new things just because the workshop finishes.

  4. I can see you and Delaney are going to have fights…

    Your goals are a bit vague towards the end, but that’s fine – I know you have other priorities then! 🙂

    1. I will, indeed. Somehow, my brain took that as a challenge though because while getting Lauren to sleep its mapped out the specifics for the series of inter-linking action stories. Now, I really hope this baby stays in for long enough to get them out!

      And yes… Delaney and I? Well, it’s going to be interesting 😉

    1. haha yes, I can see me wanting to strangle Delaney on a regular basis. It’s possibly going to be a love/hate relationship. Never had one of those before with a character!

  5. I’m really intrigued by the whole Delaney Jones thing. Thoroughly intrigued. Good for you for finally opening her up! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

    1. Thanks Melissa! It’s so cool for me that other people find her interesting, before I’ve even written her. At least I think it means I’m not totally insane… lol

  6. Delaney’s story will surely be worth reading if just in a list of goals for writing her backstory you’ve aroused my curiosity! I think I could take a page out of your book, Cassie, and work on more action in my stories. That’s a clever way to approach rounding out your skills. 🙂

    1. I think action can be easy to avoid – or it can be easy to overdo. I’m hoping to find a nice balance between my normal style of writing and brings more action to my stories. It should be interesting in any event!

      And yes, Delaney… I just hope I can do her justice.

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