The week that was

So, first week of writing for the Creativity Workshop and it SUCKED. Not the workshop, no, just the week. I don’t think it could have started under worse conditions.

Let me count the ways: A death, sick children, sick self, my WoW account got hacked (bastards, I’m still really miffed about that, even though I haven’t played in months), a funeral, severe lack of sleep. They all led to me feeling a lot like I had nothing to say about anything really. I certainly didn’t feel like I could produce any writing.

I did though.

Once the funeral had taken place, I felt a rapid return to my old self. The little one got over her cold, we all started sleeping better, and the words came. They didn’t rush out of me, but they were there.

I’m so pleased I went with this story first because I’ve learned so much about Father, their world, and his ideals and it’s really helped to cement where the story is going. The bigger story that is. I can see now why he made the choices he did, and that he in fact was manipulated in much the same way he manipulates his ‘children’.

And what does next week hold?

Well, Delaney gets her first outing.

She’s been speaking to me so clearly, literally speaking to me (and no, I swear Chibi, I am NOT suffering from hallucinations due to sleep deprivation!!!) and I’m really looking forward to getting some words out.

I feel like I have to write her first person. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but right now I don’t feel like I have a lot of choice. Do you ever get that? Sometimes you try to write something one way, but no matter how hard you try to stick to that, you just keep flipping back? I think it would be far too much hard work to write her anything other than 1st right now, so I’m just going to run with it.

Delaney is in charge, she is calling the shots when it comes to the story and I think I’m okay about taking a back seat to that for now.


14 thoughts on “The week that was”

  1. I’m so sorry your week got off to such a bad start, but it’s great to hear that the words made it on to the page. You’re way ahead in the writing-in-the-face-of-adversity stakes! It sounds like Delaney’s been bothering you for a while, so I hope that this week is a much better one all round and that the words flow beautifully for you.

  2. Good luck with writing Delaney in first person, maybe she is an inner you just waiting to get out and tell the world what she really thinks!

    Hope this week is much more productive and fun for you. 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen, hope the same for you!

      Delaney is SO different to me…. she’s certainly going to be interesting to step into.

  3. Cassie, I’m so glad you were able to write in spite of all the difficulties the week presented. I had a character like that once, who demanded to be written first person, and once I quit fighting her, it felt more like we were in a partnership than a face-off, and the words just flowed. Hope the same happens for you with Delaney! 🙂

    1. Thanks Meredith! I think that’s how this will turn out, I definitely feel more in tune with her this way. Sometimes we just have to give in 😉

  4. Well done mate, you’ve had a shit week, but you survived 🙂

    And I’d be very surprised if Delaney came out in anything other than first person. It’s the type of story and character that suits that POV.

  5. Sorry you had such a rough week, but I’m glad you were able to still get your writing done. My character wanted to be in first person this week, so I totally know what you mean. Just go with it 🙂 Good luck!

  6. I’m so glad you’re writing through all those challenges–and I’m seriously admiring you for doing it! That is *hard.*

    Delaney sounds fascinating! Can’t wait to see more of her story. That new-character, new-world excitement is sooo cool. 🙂

    I have a new character who spoke up in 1st person, which is unusual for me, too. I actually got some critique group suggestions to write her stories in 3rd person, to emphasize the action scenes; & she piped up with a firm “No way!” It’s a stretch for me, since we’re different in many ways…& I always wind up wondering, “Will people think that’s ME talking?” 😉 I’m starting to get 1st-person journal-type flash fic pieces from Jeff Barrister, too (his novels are in 3rd), so speaking for a guy is a new experience in itself, lol.

    I started to say, “I have to write it in 1st because I hear his thoughts so clearly”–& wow, that made me realize: I FINALLY hear him! He’s been my most difficult character ever! 0_0 Wow…thank you for inspiring that epiphany! 😀

    1. Thanks Christine! Happy to have helped 😉 I totally hear what you are saying about worrying what people might think when you write first person. Especially if the topics are controversial – I had those same thoughts/feelings when I was writing a novella a couple of years ago with some crazy weird stuff going on it it. Would people think this was just a version of me? In the end, we have to let our characters out of the box, no matter what they might end up saying about us!

  7. Good for you for persevering during a difficult week. It’s not the easy weeks that test us as writers – it’s the hard ones, and you pass with flying colors!

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