Week 3 wrap up – creativity workshop

Well, I wouldn’t say that this week was incredibly successful writing-wise, but it didn’t suck quite so much as last week in other areas.

I have not finished my story, though I might put some more words into it tonight. It’s not going anywhere. It’s a meandering exploration of Delaney’s childhood which has given me some more background information and helped to develop some of the relationships that come into play further down the line. And it’s certainly helping to get my head into Delaney’s space. I’m not finding it so hard to think like she would now that I can tap into her childhood and some of her experiences.

This coming week though… wowzer. I’ve been looking forward/dreading writing this story since last week. I didn’t technically know what it was going to entail but it’s evolved through writing these other two stories and it’s one of those essential things. I need to explore this. I need to get this story down. I need to watch Delaney as she goes through what is essentially an initiation into the bigger picture. Her first job.

But it is uncomfortable. It’s smacks of being a little corrupt, of being almost incestuous, or being morally wrong but at the same time making perfect sense and being the only way it could be done. So the writing is going to be interesting. Challenging.

I like a good challenge. I’m feeling up to this one because the scenes have been playing out in my head all week. If it had been this story I was writing this week, I would have finished it.

In other news: less than 6 weeks to go now, though admittedly I’ll be surprised if I last that long. I’m having quite intense braxton hicks already which is fun. I’ve ballooned in this last week – after not really growing for four weeks my belly is now 5cms rounder than it was a week ago. Scary stuff! We’re having some dramas with the eldest, and have started the process of trying to find out what exactly is going on with her. Her bloods came back clear, which I was actually disappointed by. Was kind of hoping that maybe it was an iron deficiency or something easy to diagnose/fix. I guess we’ll find out eventually – all we know is that she is not herself, she is not a happy camper at all and we need to find out whats going on. More stress, but hopefully we’ll end up with a happier girl than she has been these last two weeks. I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, baby growing and trying to deal with her erratic and strange behaviour. Some or all of these things will be fixed in the near future though and I am clinging to that belief!


4 thoughts on “Week 3 wrap up – creativity workshop”

  1. Writing is always a juggling act. The important thing os not to be defeated by life and to forge on, regardless 🙂

    And 6 weeks to go? Wow!

    1. Yes. Wow is about the only word for it! lol My brain keeps saying ‘Lauren was born four weeks from now, you know that right?’ and I keep telling it to put a sock in it.

  2. I’m really excited to get my hands on these Delaney short stories. I’m sure they’ll be a fascinating read, particularly the one that you’re about to write. I can see how it would be a little uncomfortable (it’s a bit of an awkward subject, isn’t it) but I also think it will be really interesting once you’re able to move past that – and I think you will once you actually get started.

    I hope Ivy feels better soon. There’s nothing worse than having something be off balance but not know what it is. And less than six weeks? Eesh. Better start cranking those stories out asap.

    1. Yes I am starting to feel the time limit crunching in on me! Unfortunately, it means I feel like splitting my focus. And thanks, I hope we sort out whats up with Ivy too, she’s more erratic and intense than ever before!

      As for the stories? This last one was mundane, I like the first one in some ways, and this one? Well, this one I hope will be an interesting read – the others have been predominantly interesting for me to write.

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