Here and there

I’ve recently started expanding my net presence, and while I am still very much a newbie to all the ins and outs, rather than making life more difficult it seems to be making life easier!

While looking through Goodreads, I worked out that because I have stories in some anthologies that are on the site, I could become a Goodreads Author. Seems crazy on some levels, I’ve only had a few stories published, but hey, I’m not going to complain 🙂 It feeds my blog posts through to my goodreads page as well by the looks.

I now have a ‘page’ over on Facebook for my writer stuff. It feels a bit odd having my own page, but hey, it’s there now! I’ve discovered that when I post updates to it, it sends them through to twitter which is pretty neat – I can now be present both on FB as well as twitter, without too much hassle.

Until now I rarely used FB for anything other than checking in on family and friends, so it’s great that it can be useful for other stuff too. So far, my page isn’t very pretty or anything, but hopefully over time I’ll master it. Head over and *like* me if you’re on FB!

I’m using networked blogs as well, which auto posts any blog to my FB personal page as well as my writer page, and twitter as well.

It does feel odd, but it feels good as well. It wasn’t that I was hiding that I am a writer, but I wasn’t letting a good chunk of my friends and family know about it. Now I’m out there, being public with it. I certainly wouldn’t be doing things that made more work for me, but now when I post a blog it’s everywhere without me having to think about it, and when I write a message it’s on facebook and twitter. Who knew it could be this easy?

If you have a facebook page, let me know so I can like you back. And if I’m not connected with you on Goodreads, I’d love to be!


3 thoughts on “Here and there”

  1. I’ve found that the networking aspects of becoming a known writer can be time consuming. But I’m also confident that as I learn to use the resources more effectively, the efficiency will also follow. At least that is the plan.

  2. Thanks for all this great info! It’s very cool that you’ve managed to work out this networking thing where it’s actually less effort. Now I just have to get something published so I can be a Goodreads Author and open my own Facebook Page. 🙂

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