Happy Birthday, Lauren Pie

Pie is a great nickname because it can have so many different things in front of it. Sweetie Pie, Honey Pie, Monkey Pie, Cutie Pie.

She is cute. Super adorable in fact, and getting more so by the minute. I could just eat her up.

Two years ago, she entered the world. Her arrival had a huge impact on me (as does the arrival of any child, really). She cemented so much for me, grounded me in my role as a mother. I learned how to be a Mum with Ivy, but she was always biologically someone else’s child, and the fear that one day she’d be taken away from me ate me up inside. I couldn’t stand the thought of losing Ivy.

Somehow, Lauren made that go away. No one could take her from me, and by default, somehow that made me feel safer as a Mum. It made me feel like they were both mine for always, made me realize that nothing could change that, not time or distance, not living arrangements.

Anyways, back to Lauren….

She has the cheekiest grin, and is full of wonderful quirks. I love that she takes her time getting to know people before committing to having them in her life. I love how brave she is, how kind, how loving, that she does things like falls asleep holding a lemon. Who else has a kid who takes lemon’s to bed? She knows what she wants, and she is firm in who she is. Great qualities, all of them.

We baked a pink cake, and made pink icing. She loved her presents, and had an amazing day (lots of visitors, a great afternoon at a friends house, then cake and macaroni cheese for dinner at home and presents). I got all teary when we were singing Happy Birthday, realizing that my baby girl really isn’t a baby any more. I think I was so busy making sure everything was running smoothly for her first birthday that I didn’t have a chance to stop and appreciate that. Or maybe it’s just that now, the difference is so obvious. There is a new baby, and Lauren most definitely is not one.

As my grandmother would say tho, Lauren has never really been a baby. She’s always been a grown up in a little persons body. She’s never used a bottle, or a dummy. She wouldn’t tolerate being in a high chair – it was either my knee, or her own big person chair. She doesn’t see the point in those baby things – no-one else in the family uses them, why should she? Hell, she never even wanted puree or mashed baby food, she just waited until she could handle finger food before adding solids to her diet!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl. You’re a light in so many lives, and we are blessed to have you.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lauren Pie”

    1. uhm, clearly my brain thinks faster than my fingers. That was supposed to read, “My mother in law is a scrapbooker, and I love seeing the beautiful things she journaled for all her children.” Good grief! 😉

  1. She sounds an adorable small person, and you have made us see her in striking detail. Not just her, but also your feelings as a mother. Excellent post. And Happy (belated) Birthday, Lauren Pie

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