A Daily Reminder

The path to (novel) publication is very long. The stats don’t weigh up in our favour, and we’re well aware that the publishing world is changing. While personally, I think that’s pretty exciting, it does leave a general feeling of uncertainty.

A few weeks ago I entered a competition over at Helen Lowe’s blog, as she was celebrating the release of her novel The Heir of Night. I was lucky and won a poster of the Aus/NZ version of the cover, which is now prominently displayed above my laptop.

A visual daily reminder to me that NZ writers CAN sell novels.

What do you use to keep yourself going on those days when all the hours spent at your computer seem in vain?

Also, how cool would it be to have a quote from Robin Hobb on one of your books??? Something to dream about!!!


4 thoughts on “A Daily Reminder”

  1. I just know that my writing will one day get published. How do I know this? After writing three novels, I finally found something that I am excited about, and feedback on the third novel so far has been really positive and exciting.

    How else do I know I am getting published? I have recently read a book called Being Happy and it is about being positive and sending positive thoughts out. I have a positive thought about my writing and getting published, so one day, I WILL be published.

    As for you Cassie, yes, I believe one day you will be published. I have been honoured to read one of your novels, and I think it is fantastic. You have already had short stories published, so one day, you will get your novels published too! 🙂 ❤

    1. Oh, I’m quietly confident that it’ll happen one day – but we all have those days where it seems like a waste of energy, like there are a million better writers out there all wanting the same thing. One day, it’ll happen tho 😉

  2. “The key to keeping motivated, to keeping the passion, when you are working alone is to do something – no matter how small – that moves you inexorably toward your goals.” Danny Drubin, Business entrepreneur and major wise man (can you tell I like him? Have met him personally and most impressive)

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