The moment before the kill

When I’m writing, there are inevitably going to be deaths. Some of these aren’t difficult to write, but others? Well, they take some time. For instance, right now I’m working on an assassin story. My main character is just about to kill someone. On purpose. It’s her focus. I find when this is the case – serial killers, murders, revenge killings, assassins – when it’s one on one, I procrastinate something wicked.

I take my time. I write a few words. I check facebook. I write a few more words. I check twitter. I write a few more words. I check my email. I write a few more words…. I write a blog post. You get the point.

All the while this feeling of adrenaline/anxiety/excitement is building inside me. A tension that can’t be expelled or dissipated until the other character, the target, is dead. And yet I delay. Ug, I just need to write the damn thing, and have it be awesome.

It will be awesome. I think that build of feeling means it has to be. I’m invested in the characters. I’m invested in the killing.

I better just go and write this thing. Right?



2 thoughts on “The moment before the kill”

    1. haha, thank heavens I AM a writer huh? still working on it, unfortunately the real world is getting in the way. Ah well. When night falls and the children are sleeping, I’ll get back to it.

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