Scene dilemmas

Never before have I had such difficulty with a story – a story I’ve always known the outcome of and had a good idea of what needs to go in even! I can’t quite pin down WHY it’s causing me so much trouble, all I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating, and I hope that the end result is worth the hassle so far.

I am pretty sure I’ve deleted as many words as there are currently in the document. Maybe more. I’ve written half scenes only to delete them entirely when I realize they start in the wrong place and go about telling the story in a way that I don’t think works. Or don’t work as well as I want.

Actually, now that I think about it, there has been one other story that’s been like this. The Comfort of Wood. It’s got heaps of potential but still needs to be reworked and polished. And have the first few thousand words cut…..

Female main characters, death, fantasy settings, conflicted emotions, deception, and secrets. The stories have those things in common.

Ah, and they also have vital pieces of information that need to be kept from being revealed too early to prolong reader enjoyment. A balancing act of showing enough, without telling, without info dumping, without destroying the tension of the piece.

Obviously, this is something I need more practice with. I usually have a good balance and can write with a fairly subtle hand when required, but these two stories have challenged me.

It’s GOOD to be challenged.

It’s also good to begin a blog post with a question and end with a solution – so thanks for reading my thought process as I worked out the cause of the frustration!

Back to the story now….


3 thoughts on “Scene dilemmas”

  1. I’ve had this problem alot – especially with the ‘when and how to give the reader information’ problem. It’s a fine balancing act, isn’t it?

    My friend has also had some of the same problems you describe. In her case, I think she’s too close to the story. It’s so important for her it has to be ‘perfect’ and it never will be, but she just can’t take that needed step back.

    Not suggesting that’s the problem here… just sharing 🙂

    Hope the story starts to work better for you!

    1. Thanks, Aurora! I do definitely want to get it right (hence the deleting/rewriting thing), but I’m working on what should be the last scene, or the second to last depending on how it pans out, so at least I’m almost done the first draft!

      First drafts are not the place for perfection, but I do need to feel like I at least have the right starts/ends to my scenes to keep working through the story. I think it’s a good story. It may not be, but I won’t know til I have some distance 😉

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