Say what?

No, it can’t be a month til Christmas Eve, it just can’t. There has to be more than a week left in November, surely! What’s happening to time?

I feel like hiding under the covers until it’s 2011, because otherwise there is just too much to do.

I still have to get the Christmas shopping done. There are a million things around the house that need organizing (gardens, mess/clutter, fence, arg!). I am meant to have this novella done before Christmas, and then there is the new novel I had penciled in to begin in December.

Gosh, December is so close now…

It’s going to take a miracle to get through that list. But I’ll be giving it my best shot. I need to clear some of the junk out of my life so that 2011 starts off well. I don’t typically do New Years resolutions, but I do like to start the year with things in order.

What about you? What needs doing before 2011 hits? Got any resolutions or goals for it?


6 thoughts on “Say what?”

  1. Besides the usual Christmas shopping, decorating, etc., I need to complete two portraits and read my first novel manuscript with a critical eye, which sounds far easier than what you want to accomplish. Here’s hoping for your miracle. 🙂

  2. I bagged NaNoWriMo. Just too much going on in the family for me to be able to produce comic mystery stuff right now. However, I’m planning my own version, which I’m calling JaNoWriMo, and it’s going to be 45 days long because 50k words is not a marketable length for a novel.

    That’s it. That’s all I have planned for 2011 so far. :)TX

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