Happy Festive Season!

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your traditions, I hope that this time of the year is wonderful for you.

For me it’s all about family. I was so anti Christmas until I had kids of my own – and they changed Christmas the way they changed everything else. I love that. I them more for it. I love how they have given me back so much of my life, returned all the good memories of things like Christmas, and blotted out all the bad ones.

For the first time in about six years I’ll not be spending Christmas day with my biological family. I thought I’d be more sad about that, but I’m actually really excited to be spending it with the in-laws this time around. It’s a relief to feel this positively about Β it – normally us going away means I’ve had to find someone to dog sit Kali and her giving me those big brown puppy dog eyes she does so well, resulting in me feeling guilty and worried about her the entire time we’re away.

I guess that was her Christmas gift to me.

Anyway, I hope that your holiday season is filled with love and laughter, with good company and good food, with rest and relaxation.

Have a good one folks!


2 thoughts on “Happy Festive Season!”

  1. This may be the reason I am not impressed with Christmas – without any kids to get wide-eyed at the snow, or the presents, or even the jolly dude in red, there doesn’t seem much point in going to any length for a few days of the year.

    Have a good Christmas. πŸ˜€

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