The Office

I’ve long wanted a space for my own, and with some changes happening within the family, and the way we use the space in our house, I finally managed to claim one. We’ll not dwell on the fact that currently it’s also situated in the only way to access the backyard – long term we’ll be putting a ranch-slider in the lounge and then this won’t be such a thoroughfare.

Before now, I shared an office with my husband – which was lovely in some respects, and not so great in others. It’s nice to separate myself from music, or game sounds, or StarCraft commentary so that I can actually think from time to time. The beauty of a laptop is that when I do want to be near him, I can still park up on the bed and play on the computer while he does his thing.

Anyways, I promised pictures, and here they are:

This is before. The area used to be Kali’s place of residence. Her couch was old and very smelly (in fact I still get whiffs of dog now and then, even though I cleaned). It was also pretty much a dumping ground for large items of recycling, and other rubbish stuffs that wouldn’t fit in a bag (the blue bits are part of a babygym the kids broke).

And this is now:

More officey. Now, the details:

I am a huge fan Β of boxes. These ones don’t contain anything special for the most part, I just like them. My fairy was given to me by a friends mother, and though her wings have fallen off I still think she’s beautiful. The wizard, my father gave me one birthday when I was still a teenager – totally not his kind of thing, but it was mine and I’ll always remember that he was trying. I keep my pens in this little jug, which a friend gave us as part of a wedding present. The kids broke the handle off, but it’s still awesome.

This is my basket of stuff. It mostly holds all the loose bits and pieces – important cables, paper stuff, notebooks, other odds and ends. My Heir of the Night posted hides a huge hole in the wall which would show off our grotty old water pipes lol and the stack of books is on loan from the lovely Kerryn Angell. I’m actually trying to work through some of them at the moment. On top of that is a pic of Kali-ma playing with a friends old dog, Zsari.

Finally, this is a print I got when I was a teenager. I loved it then, and I love it more now that I have babies of my own – it’s called ‘Dreaming’ and it IS dreamy, peaceful, serene. I need some of that. Also, have had the dragon for a while – it’s nose and tail are a bit broken, but I don’t mind.

And that’s that!

Now that I finally got around to posting photos, I’ve just found an auction selling a laptop desk and bookshelf which would fit perfectly. So, all going well, I’ll be doing v.2 soon!!!


17 thoughts on “The Office”

    1. Thanks, Aurora! Yes, do set your own area up πŸ™‚ does wonders I think, to have a writing space. I love how light and airy it is here – never thought I’d have something like this, so am thrilled I do now.

  1. Nice space, use it well! I’m sure you’re quite used to working with traffic.
    ANd I like your post about slowing down this year, and not being hard on yourself. They’re only young now (sorry so corny but I really can’t keep up with how fast they grow.)

    1. I can’t keep up either, Jennifer. Seriously, where is the time going????

      Definitely used to working with traffic – we do have a gate between the porch and kitchen though (as there is a step down, and it also keeps the kids inside while being able to have the back door open, seeing as the deck still isn’t fully enclosed yet!), so I might have to try utilizing that on occasion – even if it’s just a mental barrier. (When Hubby is home of course lol).

  2. Well done Cassie, a place especially for you, and you have made it your own. May you create many masterpieces there! Congrats! :o)

  3. Yay! What a lovely, bright, clean, inspiring writing space! I’m so glad you finally got a little place of your own to focus on your projects!! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. πŸ™‚ Happy writing!

    1. Thanks, Kayla! I love the way you sum it up – those are the reasons I love it too. Happy writing to you too! I just hope that my writing space is as effective as yours seem to be πŸ˜‰

  4. What a transformation! There’s something about dedicating space to your writing that somehow adds justification to what we do. I also love how open it is and how much light you’ll get there. That’s one thing I love about my new writing space. It’s right below a window so I can always have natural light, well, at least when there is daylight. It is the middle of winter over here and daylight hours are at a premium! πŸ™‚

    1. Natural light makes a big difference. My desk used to be at the front of the house so I never opened the curtain – I hated people looking in at me! lol this office, however, is very private. I feel quite secluded at times. Love it! Can’t wait to see a pic of your writing space sometime, with your new chair!

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