I am very much feeling like I’ve worked a full week! lol and I can honestly say it’s a long time since I’ve done that (not that raising three beautiful girls and running the household and trying to write is not time consuming). So I am definitely looking forward to the weekend – not that it’s going to be quiet, but it does mean that at least Hubby is home to help with everything.

I feel like we’ve accomplished so much in just a few short days, and am ready to start slowing down a little bit. The huge task of contacting authors has been achieved with stellar results so far, and now it is on with reading and selecting and planning for all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into putting out a book. And trust me, there is a lot of it!

On that note, we have a website live now for the Anthology and you can check it out over here. There will be a new post up shortly with a very exciting announcement, and hopefully I’ll have a facebook page sorted for it shortly which will be helpful for keeping people in the loop and also for figuring out how many people are interested in getting their hands on a copy. It’s for a great cause!

In all of the rush and bustle of the last few days, my own writing has certainly taken a back seat. But I am admittedly feeling a tad overwhelmed (in good and bad ways), so I’m going to make sure I take some time tonight to touch base with the story I am working on.

The Comfort of Wood is a fantasy story that has been sitting around for awhile now, and it’s well overdue for completion. I’m hoping to finish the second scene tonight, and then keep working on it from there. It’s the only totally new scene, so it will take me a little while. It’ll be nice to get lost in a fantasy world of my own creation though. Free from earthquakes, free from sadness, free from the huge loss that our whole country is feeling.

Anyways, signing off. I feel the need to give my girls some more hugs. My heart aches for all the families affected by the earthquake, but cuddling those girls of mine makes it a little easier to handle.


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