In the absence of writing…

…I’ve been doing a lot of reading. A LOT. I think three books this week? Maybe four? It’s ridiculous, but absolutely wonderful 🙂 I am really loving being able to wade through books so quickly, and good ones too!

Thanks to Leigh, who put me onto NetGalley, I’ve got access to a whole range of books I might not otherwise be able to get hold of via Kindle. Amazon is wonderful, but there is a bunch of new stuff that is simply not available to those of us in the ‘asia-pacific’ area of the world.

That really doesn’t matter now 🙂 I think I have more books available than I can get through quickly, and there are always more to come. Because of this, I’m going to be doing a lot more reviews though. Ones for the ABC Indie Reading Challenge, as well as those for NetGalley, and any other fabulous books I read along the way.

This isn’t a review blog though. It’s a writing/life blog, and rather than inundate you with countless reviews I decided to start a new blog for that purpose. So if you want to read reviews, then feel free to check it out over here. I’m really enjoying exploring this side of things, and there are some really great books out/coming out that I am looking forward to reviewing in the near future.

I’ve already moved the indie reading page over there, and will be taking it down from here shortly. I imagine there will be 2-3 reviews a week up on my review blog, just as many as I’m reading. I may just be making more work for myself, but I LOVE reading, and I LOVE writing, and they each deserve their own space 🙂

In writing news: as I said in my last post, I took the weekend completely off. It’s a long weekend, so that kind of means today is off too. That said, I’m getting back into work for the Anthology, and will be writing a new update for the Tales for Canterbury website this afternoon. It’s coming along so well! Very exciting times.

Happy Monday! Happy writing! Happy reading, everyone!


6 thoughts on “In the absence of writing…”

  1. The Indie reading challenge sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve been surprised at the quality (so long self-publishing has been seen as a cop-out that I’d never actually read one before?), but there are some really, really good authors out there!

    I’ll definitely have to book mark your new blog! I love seeing your reviews. You’ve already added a few more to my To Be Read pile. :-p

    1. Heh, glad you enjoy my reviews, Sadie! Nice to know someone does 🙂 You are so very right about there being some great indie authors out there. Until I took up the challenge I had no idea! At some point I’ll be doing a post comparing the traditional to the indie stuff I have read so far this year. Should be good 🙂

  2. I’ll check out your review site. I love to read too. And find myself in that same predicament of whether to read or write.

    1. Well, with the kids reading is sometimes the easier option lol but I will always write when I get the time and headspace! Thanks for checking out my new review site.

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