Some things

Random update with a bunch of different things in it! lol are you ready?

1) didn’t finish most of the stuff I wanted to this weekend!

2) did have a good time though πŸ™‚ and am loving where this new short is going.

3) my lovely friend Leigh has signed on over at my review blog. Check out her introduction post! It’s great to have her on board, and I can thank Tales for Canterbury for introducing us – she emailed me not long after the idea arose and has been a wonderful source of encouragement ever since.

4) speaking of Tales. We have the cover up over at the site now. Check it out! As well as a shiny thermometer on the side in preparation for when pre-orders go up this week, and the first post introducing some of our writers.

5) we’re so close to getting pre-orders up!!!!

6) it’s been sunny pretty much all weekend, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Trying to make the most of the good weather before it starts cooling off.

7) oh and I have an interview to post this week with the wonderful Christopher Ruz who has a short story collection out. Which I shall review tomorrow, on the book blog.

I think that’s about all for now. I’m going to relax with Hubby tonight, eat some ambrosia, have a beer, and watch a movie.

Yes, I may have gone just a little link crazy!


6 thoughts on “Some things”

  1. Link crazy is right lol. It’s not a big deal that you didn’t finish everything you wanted to this weekend. I think you’re doing a great job anyway and you likely deserve a night off.

    1. Aw, thanks, Chibi. I did need the night off. Shame I didn’t get much sleep. At least now the house is in order, and tomorrow I might be able to get some writing done.

  2. I love your new book review blog. I need to subscribe.

    Love the cover for Tales!

    Go enjoy your night off. -hugs- It’s okay to not do everything you wanted all the time. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Sadie πŸ™‚ nights off are important! Thanks for subscribing to the blog, too. Lovely to know someone will be reading πŸ˜‰

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