I have been reading way too much dross lately. I’m looking pointedly at Amazon’s ‘top 100 free‘ list, because it’s primarily to blame. I had an awesome run of free books initially, but lately I’m getting a lot of the same – blurbs/prologues which are interesting, and then chapters which do not deliver, or take huge diversions. I’m really disappointed. (Yes, I am cheap. I’m a stay at home mother, with three kids, and while my husband earns enough to take care of us, there isn’t room in the budget for many book purchases – I know these days, that in many cases you DO get what you pay for).

I mean, I WANT to know what happens in many of these books. I really do. But as soon as things go downhill – whether it’s bad writing, crappy characters, INSTANT LOVE/LUST, constant mentions of his gorgeous blue eyes and his amazing body blah blah blah, I just can’t keep reading. It’s like the junk food of the literary world and I feel bloated and gross from it.

I get that out there, somewhere, there are people (and many of them, I believe) who like this stuff. They like the fact that things are repeated a gajillion times, they want these constant reminders of character quirks, and features. They want all the mundane details.

I, however, do not. I am an intelligent reader. I want to read books written for intelligent readers.

Last night I made a point of deleting every single annoying book of my Kindle. I don’t care that I am intrigued by some of the prologues. I don’t care that some of them are fairly well written. I simply cannot bring myself to wade through pages on pages of excess rubbish to get to the pay off – which, by the way, may or may not be worth the painful process of getting to that point.

Are short stories to blame? Am I struggling with so many novels because I just don’t see the point for half the stuff written? Just because you have many thousand more words to write a novel, it doesn’t mean you should fill it up with rubbish. I don’t want to read about what your characters have for breakfast every day – unless it’s important to the plot point. Sure give me details, but only the ones I need. I’m more than capable of filling in the blanks, just give me the stuff that matters. Tell me about the gun on the table that will come into play 5 chapters later when it’s used to kill an intruder, but don’t bother to mention it if it’s not important.

Anyways. Rant off. I’m not going to be wading through things I don’t enjoy from now on. I just can’t do it any more. It’s killing my reading buzz. I’m detoxing from the bad stuff, and going on a ‘pure awesome’ reading diet.

Have you read any amazing, clean, uncluttered, interesting, beautiful, challenging, emotion causing novels lately? I want to read something that makes me feel something other than annoyed.


10 thoughts on “DETOX!”

  1. I’ve just finished reading Grave Illusions by Lina Gardiner, one of the free books on Amazon – its a vampire story, but I really enjoyed it. I have also downloaded Excelsior by George H Sirois, a YA science fiction story, which is pretty damned good too, and it is the second time I am reading it through.

    I’ve been fortunate that most of the stories so far I have enjoyed, and I have only deleted one, a zombie story that had a huge glitch right at the start (she dropped her daughter off at the mall, and the next scene her daughter is “trudging” up the hill after climbing out of the car moodily!!!) and then took ages to get to the point of the story.

    I have two paperbacks which I am trying to read at the moment, but I am struggling with them – I much prefer my Kindle to a paperback now, they seem kind of thick and gangly – but don’t tell anyone I said that!

    1. haha, Karen. I totally understand – it happens pretty quickly. You think you’ll never give up on paper, but once you adjust to the Kindle it’s pretty hard to go back!

      It’s not just the Amazon freebies, and I know it’s pretty naff to complain about something you didn’t spend any money on, but still, they are just so bad! I think because of the sheer volume of books I am reading at the moment, I can see the popular trends, and man they depress me.

  2. I’m re-reading paperbacks I’ve had around for years. And I’m reading The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy for the first time. I tried it probably a dozen times in my youth and always gave up. I’m determined to finish it this time! 🙂

    Why not try some of the classics on Amazon? Jane Austen, Mark Twain, etc.–those are usually free if the copyright is expired.

    I know exactly what you mean about those free books, BTW. I’ve tried a couple, and I usually end up skimming them, reading the ending, and deleting them with a “well, that was a waste of 30 minutes” kind of sigh. 😉


    1. Hey, Amy 🙂 A bunch of the classics ARE free, you’re right. And I do actually have a stack on my Kindle. I just get tempted by new books so easily because for so long, I’ve read old ones! Some of the free ones are great, some are just terrible. As I said above, I think it’s shown me some common trends in books today and it worries me something awful. If this is what the majority of people really do like, then I’m screwed 🙂 lol

      Good luck with LotR! it’s a big book! I read it in my early teens and haven’t visited since – the movies are quicker to get through 😉 lol though there is a bunch of stuff they missed.

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