Almost there

Back in the swing, that is. I finally finished the second scene of the novella today, and then realized that the third scene, which I thought was already written, is actually not. So…

Yeah. A little more fresh work to do before I can fall back on picking the useful bits and pieces out of the last draft. I’m feeling like I am almost back in the groove though. Finding my feet with it all again, and moving towards making good progress in the near future. I know once I push through that first ‘doorway’ there will be no stopping me (or the story). I really do adore Christy. She is good value. I think you’ll all enjoy her too.

In other news, I got given the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award today, by the lovely T.G. Ayer.

The rules state that you must list 7 things about yourself that aren’t common knowledge. I remember doing this awhile back, so I will have to start thinking of a new list.  (I started writing things, and am sure I have written them before, but oh well – I searched the blog, and couldn’t find them!)

And now I am wondering whether I should post this, because jeepers, maybe I really am odd? lol

1. I dislike wearing shoes. I am probably bare foot for 90% of the year. I am more likely to be seen wearing shoes in summer than in winter, because I don’t mind the cold, but hate getting my feet burnt on hot pavement – that said, it doesn’t usually get THAT hot over here.

2. I do however like to wear socks. But I only wear knee high ones. If you’re going to wear socks, you should make sure they keep as much warm as possible.

3. I have always had aspirations of being a ‘half naked dead girl’ in a movie. I think I’m probably getting too old for that particular role now, but at one point I even went so far as to start writing my own script and gathering people with the right skills so that I could fulfill this dream.

4. I only eat dessert with long handled tea spoons. In fact the only thing that requires a spoon that I prefer not to use a long handled teaspoon for is soup.

5. I used to hate the taste of coffee, but love the smell of it. My high school friends would sometimes make me a cup to sniff while they drank theirs. It was only about 4 years ago that I actually started drinking the stuff – now I love it.

6. I am actually genuinely thrilled to be the mother of three girls. Yes, I’m aware that it might be a bit chaotic when they hit their teens but it’s nothing I can’t handle. My life is totally complete. (with them and my husband, and cats, my wonderful family and amazing friends – gosh. Confession time: I’m actually really happy. That’s not good for writing is it? lol).

7. I miss living in the countryside. I miss the power outages. The storms. The wild spaces I could wander freely. I miss hunting all over our section for eggs. I even miss my crazy paranoia about aliens, kidnappers and faeries calling me away. There is something so delicious about being paranoid.

And now you know far too much about me 🙂 Don’t hold any of it against me!

Off to play some Rift.


4 thoughts on “Almost there”

  1. Yep, you’re odd. But I do get the ‘smell the coffee’ thing. I smell everything. I don’t do this with people who I don’t know, (cos it would totally freak them out) but I like to smell food. Any food, it doesn’t matter. They usually ask me if I want some, but no, I just want to smell it. No idea why, it’s just a little random. 🙂

  2. Living in the countryside. Yeah. I miss it, too. Miss the cows, more than anything. and the weeds. Wildflowers. The peace and solitude.

    “There is something so delicious about being paranoid.”

    😆 Classic–and true. Paranoia, the other guilty pleasure. Tee hee hee. :)TX

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