1/3rd in!

After a little burst of productivity over the long weekend, it appears I’m 1/3rd of the way through my reworking of the novella. I’m a little stunned – I really don’t know how that happened!

Actually, I do know what happened. Once I finally pushed my way through the first new scenes, I got to add in some old ones and tweak those. Much easier, and makes progress much faster. I’m up to a new scene again, but this time instead of pausing, umming and ahhing, I’m just going to dive right into it. It’s a first draft of a new scene, it does not need to be perfect. I’ll be repeating a writers mantra for the next month or so ‘you can’t edit what you haven’t written’.

It feels amazing to be making progress again. Now that I am past that first hurdle, I can see clearly the path I am taking, and feel like I am back on track. Finally. Fingers crossed nothing else major crops up to throw me off again 😉

How are you all doing?


3 thoughts on “1/3rd in!”

  1. Congrats on the progress! A writer’s mantra is a great way to keep writing. I love yours. Mine is, “Trust yourself. Trust your story.”

    You know, I hit a writing block the last two weeks or so, just just today, after a short break, 1700 words. I’m nearly 70% done with what’s technically the second draft of my first novel.

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