Forgot to mention…

My lovely friend Leigh made me a shiny new banner! Pretty isn’t it? I had to change the theme to get a banner space big enough, but I’m liking Duster. Besides, it was probably time for a new look anyways. An interesting thing has happened because of the new header though – I kind of want to work on The Consign Mate more than ever. Nothing in it specifically says “TCM”, but it has a certain surreal, otherworldly feel which I want to capture with the novel. And it’s in space. On another world. Lovely.


Also I forgot to mention that I’m leaving comments open on my 1,000th post (and entries to win a copy of Tales), until the digital version is released. So if you haven’t left a comment yet, you can go and post one now! The more the merrier.


I’m finding a lot lately that I am getting stuck. I get excited about a bunch of things (novels to read, crit partners stuff to look at, proof reading – yes, I even get excited about my work! lol). And when it’s all so good, it’s hard to stop myself from starting everything. I just want to read this, and that, and this and more more more.

I’ve got to start doing things one at a time, but that’s just no fun… In some ways I do have just one… one book on the Kindle, one book on the PC, one novel to proof read, one novel to crit… but it’s all too much. Really. I think this next week I am going to try and focus on one thing at a time, and finishing what I start – like, writing a review for a novel when I finish it, before I read several more books and start deleting information about said novel from my head.

Anyways. That’s it from me folks. I have so much to do this weekend! Hopefully I can get through a decent chunk of my list though.


10 thoughts on “Forgot to mention…”

    1. A new look is as good as a holiday? lol there are so many great themes to choose from these days, it’s impossible not to change it up every now and then 😉

  1. Ooh! Pretty.

    And it’s good that the banner inspires you. Sometimes we do so much for readers that we forget to nourish our own muses. :)TX

  2. Love the new banner and layout! I hope you figure out how to get unstuck soon. -hugs- But I’m with you, I keep getting too many things going at once. xD

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