Back in the writing chair

Today is the day I get serious about my own writing again. A few things have converged in the last couple of weeks, and that means I have more time on my hands – I hit 50 in Rift about two weeks ago, which means I no longer feel the need to log in during the day (forever playing catch up to Hubby), and Tales is out of my hands with the digital copy now available, and the print version with the printers. I don’t even have any proof reading work at the moment!

Regardless, for the last few days I have managed to avoid writing. I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel and using every excuse I can find not to just sit down and write. Admittedly, the house has been in need of a good tidy up for awhile now, but I’m running out of those tasks too!

What’s the problem? you ask. It could be any number of things really, but primarily, I think it’s just that I am having trouble changing gear. I’ve been working on the editing side of the table for months now and I need to switch back into writer mode. The only way to do that is to sit down and write. And I am the only person who can get me to do that.

So, that’s that. I’ve opened my novella, and figured out where I’m at. All that’s left is to write.

Off I go. Wish me luck!


14 thoughts on “Back in the writing chair”

  1. you sound like me…haha. Except no one reads my book 😦 I am publishing it chapter by chapter on my blog…check it out if you get a second and want to procrastinate some more 🙂

  2. You do realize you’ve been writing by writing up the blog posts. It’s just not the writing you feel you need to get done. I do wish you luck though. I’ve spent most of the evening catching my blog up….one or two more and I will have managed to catch up two months worth of blog posts that have been waiting on my board to be written.

    1. Well done on catching up!!
      I don’t really count this as writing… I do lots of non fiction writing, and they are words, yes, but not where they matter. If only! lol

    1. haha, I am all over this rewarding stuff – I’ve rewarded myself with a glass of wine, and a CD purchase! I haven’t bought music in ages, I am SO out of the loop. Been stuck listening to the same old, or vids on youtube, or the radio…

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