Ah, this is the life

I’m so content right now. I’m blissed out on the cuteness/wonderfulness of my children. I’m in love with my novella. I have plans, and thoughts and ideas. I have a wonderful husband. Within these walls, I get about a million hugs a day, ten thousand giggles and smiles. It’s perfection.

Even the drama is amusing. Ivy is so keen on homework at the moment; she works and works until her brain gets fuzzy and I have to ban her from doing homework in case her head explodes, ‘because I don’t want to clean that mess up!’. Natalie has turned into the biggest pest to walk the earth, but no-one really minds because she is just so darned cute. And Lauren…well, she’s always cute, and easy to diffuse if you do silly things when she’s having a tanty at you (well, most of the time!).

This is exactly where I want to be. Finally at a place where everything is under control again and even though I’m still sleep deprived, I’m happy, and functioning, seeing actual progress in various areas of my life. I feel amazing.

Over the last two days, my novella has grown to 14k. I have just 9 scenes (or so) left to write and I can see the end approaching fast. All the threads are coming together, it’s just a matter of getting the balance right and seeing it through to the end. I’m going to be finished this round of revision soon, which seems ridiculous seeing as I struggled so much over the last few months to make any progress at all.

And there are other things waiting ahead. I think I’m going to participate in HalfNoC this year. Use it to get back to some solid writing habits. Finish this novella, finish Chasing Ascension. Write anything else that crops up after that in order to hit the 25K goal for June. 25K for a month isn’t huge. It’s totally achievable.

Everything is just so exciting right now. Exciting, and possible.


10 thoughts on “Ah, this is the life”

  1. Go you! 🙂 I felt that way when Jayden finally started to improve (erm, like, this week), and I had less to worry about. It’s amazing what a little less stress will do to you! It’s the biggest buzz in the world!

    1. It is. I had no idea just how stressed I was feeling! I’m glad you’re feeling better too, and that Jayden is doing so well now 🙂

  2. Such a lovely stage of life. Strange that many young moms don’t realize the joy of this phase, only the work, and as you say, the sleep deprivation. Great post. :)TX

    1. There is so much joy in children, and it’s sad that a lot of parents don’t seem to be able to see that – have to enjoy ALL the stages for what they are. When kids are young, each stage passes by so quickly!

    1. Yes, almost to the one year mark… I can’t believe how fast it’s gone 🙂 Are you finding the balance now too? *hugs* we are both doing well 😉

    1. Yay, glad I could make you happy, Anna! I actually signed up yesterday, so I will be ‘attempting’ in any event 🙂 It’ll be fun.

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