Sunshine in winter

School holidays hit, and so did the sunshine! After almost a month of rainy days, the clouds cleared and we have been given the best of winter – frosty mornings, followed by gorgeous, sunny, warm days, and chilly evenings.

And it’s simply too lovely to spend time inside blogging. Or writing. Or anything else much…

I am enjoying this set of holidays more than any that has come before. I’m not sure why, but my best guess is a combination of the great weather, and the fact that every round of hols, the kids get older and our ability to do stuff increases. While we’ve not ventured far from the house just yet, we’ve been utilizing the trampoline, the sandpit, the swing, weeding gardens (clearing the backlog of washing! lol), and otherwise just hanging outside, enjoying the sun. Oh and we washed the car – well overdue, and lots of soapy fun at a friends house. The kids got saturated, and loved every minute of it.

We’re off to the zoo this morning with Mil and GrandMiL – they arrived yesterday afternoon and its been so cool having them here. The kids are loving it 🙂

I am hoping to sneak in some writing later today when the littles sleep, and our big girl is out with her Nana’s. Wish me luck! I have a challenge story to finish and a fire inside me. I got another acceptance email yesterday morning and it has me itching to get more stories out on submission.

Today, I might actually take some pics to share with you. I keep meaning to, but then…I’m having too much fun to stop and think about it 😉


11 thoughts on “Sunshine in winter”

    1. Would you believe that as soon as I said ‘sunshine’ the clouds came over??! I did take some pics, but they are mostly of the girls and not the scenery – I will get some for you soon though 😉

  1. If sunshine is what you needed – I could ship some from Texas…we could certainly use the rain. How about we swap?

    Congrats on the acceptance notice.

    1. Just because my winter isn’t as severe as yours, it doesn’t mean it’s not ‘winter’, or that my experience of it is invalid! Yes, we are tropical compared to you, but it’s still cold for us. It was a rare day, warm enough and sunny enough to wash the cars, we seized the opportunity.

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