I’m normally pretty determined…

I tend to write under most circumstances – death, pregnancy, newborns, natural disasters – but sickness really knocks me out of the habit. School holidays + sick babies + sick me = zero writing, and zero desire to write.

Which is a pain in the butt, because I was really feeling like I was getting my groove on, and had hoped to have the first draft of the current short story finished by now.

Oh well! Sometimes, you just can’t keep a cold at bay. I guess it’s better now, than once school goes back (I’m very ready for school to go back, by the way. It’s a madhouse with all the kids home – they are either playing nicely, but very loudly, or fighting, very loudly, and nap times? Yeah, lucky if they happen! /sigh).

Anyways, there are always other days, and if Natalie is any indication, another day or so and I should be feeling a little more functional. I feel like I haven’t done a lot this year, but I know it’s more than it feels like. Perhaps that’s because a lot of time was spent refining Mocha Nihilism, and while that’s not a waste, at all, it does mean I am back to working something up to submission standard.

I’ll get there! Hoping to finish this draft of Chasing Ascension in August, and then get stuck into Saving Tomorrow – I have some more planning to do, but I feel just about ready to delve into a whole novel rather than these shorter works. Almost…

How are you doing this week?


4 thoughts on “I’m normally pretty determined…”

  1. I hope you all feel better so so soon! I can’t write while under the weather; I need a certain amount of concentration, but if it’s under a cloud of malaise, nothing doing.

    This week I’m hoping to finish a novel, working on the one I just published; the print version needs tweaking, but the ebook is good!

    Healthy vibes sent your way!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Sickness pretty much gives us all a good kick out of the writing chair. -hugs- Just focus on getting better and you’ll be back to it in no time!

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