Life in general

Things are ticking along pretty well here in the Hart household. I finally feel like I have made headway on the backlog of things needing my attention, which has given me the mental space to get back to writing in a more serious way – I’m getting stories completed! In the near future I’ll have more submissions out the door and fingers crossed they find homes (that said, some of them are not going to be easy to place).

The kids are being pretty great right now. Ivy seems to have matured in recent weeks and is starting to think about the fact that her actions impact on other people. It’s nice. She even wrote me a card to apologize for hurting my feelings. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and something I will treasure. I’m going to laminate it, but right now it’s pinned above my laptop and I feel mushy every time I look at it.

Lauren is now toilet trained – seriously folks, it took less than a week! I was most surprised, and pleased, because I’d mentally prepared myself for a lot messier time of it. Obviously, she was well and truly ready. We’re both loving it: her because she’s a ‘big kid’ now, and me because oh my word it’s so nice only changing one child’s nappies!! What’s more, I now have enough cloth nappies to keep Natalie in them full time. Yay!

And Natalie… What can I say? She’s an adventurous wee soul who always seems to have a smile on her face. Cheekiness seems to be hereditary in my family, and she appears to have got an extra helping of it. Just the other day she thought it might be fun to play in the baking cupboard. Of course, Lauren had to get in on the action too.

She gets cuter every day, I swear.

I LOVE being a mum. It’s pretty much the best job, ever.


8 thoughts on “Life in general”

    1. lol, they did have fun. I am the kind of mother that just goes with the flow… they spent a good 15 minutes playing in the flour before I tidied up (before hubby got home!)

  1. Oh, wow. o.O At least they had fun playing in the baking cupboard. She looks so proud of herself. ^_^ She sure is a cutie.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you Cassie.

  2. Oh that smile! Cheek indeed!!

    So nice when things start to mellow, edges not so darn crinkly! And when there’s plenty of nappies in the stack, now that’s a treasure! We used cloth on ours, and boy when there is only one to diaper, whew! Another reason to grin! 🙂

    1. The one less bum to change thing IS amazing 🙂 next step, get my body back to myself and get them in their own beds all night! slowly, bit by bit, they grow up, and I become more of an individual again. I’m secretly glad it’s a slow process – I think I’d be sad if it wasn’t.

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