Unexpected gifts

When I was growing up we lived in the country. Waaaaay out of the big town, a good ten minutes from the nearest village, and right at the foot of Mount Taranaki. Every year in October, bluebells would spring up all through our garden without fail. Pools of blue. I don’t think they were planted, or perhaps they had been years and years before the place became ours. They are the kind of thing that just keeps coming back, and I LOVED them. I would pick handfuls for jars inside and planned on an October wedding so that they could be in my bouquet (for the record, we got married in Feb for other reasons. my bouquet was gorgeous, but bluebells would have been better 😉 ). They are among my absolute favourite flowers.

We’ve been at this house for two and a half years now, and three days ago I discovered two bluebells in the front garden. I never expected them to be there, but I am thrilled beyond words that I have some of my very own. Now, I just hope more pop up!

I had to share them with you, so I snapped a quick pic this morning, despite the rain.


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