Reading goal – achieved!

Earlier this year I set myself the goal of reading 75 books for 2011, over at Goodreads. Much to my surprise, I’ve already hit that! Which just means I have to read more, because if I’d had any idea what a huge difference purchasing a Kindle would have on my reading habits, I’d have set it at 100 to begin with.

Looking back over the books I have read so far, I would say there is a good blend. I’ve read childrens, MA, YA, NA (new adult), and adult novels. I’ve read fiction and non-fiction. Horror, fantasy, thriller, romance, paranormal, science fiction, chick lit, other things as well, no doubt, but there are too many to list. Collections of short stories, novellas and novels. As well as novels that were self-published, put out by smaller, medium and big publishers.

This is probably more variety than I have ever experienced before in my life. As a teen I would only read fantasy, and then I branched out and tried some thrillers, and then there was that patch where I was only reading about serial killers… Anyway, there is a world of books out there to consume, and I am doing my best to expose myself to a wide variety – and loving it!

There are only a couple months left to the year now, but I’ll be doing my best to hit 100. I probably have enough books stored on my Kindle to make it through without purchasing/requesting anything else, but it’s just so hard not to add to the pile of books to be read!

How are you doing with your reading this year? Have you noticed any interesting trends?


7 thoughts on “Reading goal – achieved!”

  1. I’ve read more this year than in a long time. Also more short stories than, well, ever! Thanks to Tales For Canterbury, which led to a fantastic collection about the Vietnam War, and now I’m in the middle of whimsical 1960s tales by Richard Brautigan.

    How many of those 75 were on the Kindle? Congrats on so many new stories swirling in your veins!

    1. haha only 3 were print books! and two of those were writing books a friend loaned me, the third a book I won off goodreads and had sitting around FOREVER. I haven’t purchased a single print book this year. Nor have I been to the library (for me, we do go for the kids), or hit up a second hand store. I LOVE my Kindle.

      I’m really glad that Tales got you looking into short stories, and enjoying them too šŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t read as much this year — last year I set myself the 100 book challenge (and surpassed it: got to 120!).

    This year I’ve taken it a lot easier and I think I’m around the 50-60 mark so far. I’ve been reading mainly indie publications with a few big publishers thrown in, most of them from review requests. Mainly sci fi and fantasy, too.

    Not much variety but it’s been a lot more pleasant than last year’s absolute reading panic.

    1. I think as long as you are enjoying the pace, that is all that matters! If I don’t hit 100, I won’t be sad. I’ve loved having access to so many books this year and am looking forward to devouring many more over summer.

      I totally bombed at my Indie reading challenge! lol Did you fill your alphabet out?

  3. I have to read 14 more books this year to hit my goal of 50.

    I think I need to buy a Kindle…;)

    Anyway, well done on 75 books! That’s some impressive reading, and great support of writers everywhere.

  4. Well done – that’s so awesome. I’ve also found a Kindle has made a huge difference to my reading habits – I haven’t abandoned paperbacks, in fact probably less than a third of my reading has been on the Kindle, but having something that can just slip in my bag and is easy to hold has made a big difference.

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