Almost November!

I am still amazed by how quickly this year is going by. The months are ticking off, and before we know it, 2012 will be here – is the world meant to end then? Sometimes I think it’s always ending, always starting over, renewing itself.

Anyway, October was a bit of a weird month for me. I had two short stories published (YAY!), but didn’t manage a lot of new writing. In fact, for half the month I’ve been in quite intense back pain, and also there were school holidays to contend with. All routine goes out the window during school hols. But now that we’re into the final term, things are getting back to normal and a window for writing during the day is reopening – thank goodness.

However, I did start Operation: Me Time, and that’s going well. And I also made some realizations about writing, and what works for me. I started a new WIP and am really enjoying working on that when the time presents itself. Oh and how could I forget? I also hit my reading goal for the year!

This last week was also Lauren’s 3rd birthday. THREE. It blows me away. She is really the sweetest thing in the world. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday (on multiple occasions, just to be sure), she said that she wanted Cheetah, and Big Dog, and Unicorn and Tiger. Toys she’s had for up to two years, wrapped up and given to her again. So that’s what I did, and the look of pure joy on her face at seeing her old friends was so beautiful it made me cry. (We also got her a fairy dress, which she’s been wearing ever since.) I’m sure that by the time she hits 4, she’ll have other wants, but it was pretty special to think that for now, she is so satisfied with her lot that she didn’t need anything new.

So, what does November hold? More words on the WIP, some editing and other bits and pieces. Establishing a routine for writing inside and outside the house (Starbucks is now off my list! So I need to find a different cafe to inhabit), and life in general. I’m feeling really positive though. Looking forward to everything that lies ahead.

What are you doing in November??


3 thoughts on “Almost November!”

  1. Aww, Lauren is such a sweetie! Brought tears to my eyes just reading that. You have some really special kids, Cassie. ^_^

    As for me, November holds a full novel revision/edit, as well as some polish work on some short stories so I can get them all submitted. I also need to submit this novella to a few more places. I’m looking forward to it all, moving closer and closer to my ultimate goals.

    1. Aw thanks, Sadie!!

      Sounds like November is going to be very full! How exciting to be closer to your ultimate goals – that must feel amazing! How is the submission process treating you so far?

  2. Lauren is THREE??? Where has the time gone! I smiled reading this post, for many reasons. Well, except for the back pain, hope you’re feeling better. November for me is NaNo, plus we’re starting off the month with my daughter’s car in the shop. Three hours away; she went for a weekend trip, the car wouldn’t start, sigh. It’s going to be a weird month, slotting in all that needs to occur, but that’s the life of a mum, whether they are three or nineteen. or even twenty-three, as my eldest’s birthday is in November. Goodness, all sorts of good things abound!

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