Things I like vs things that I make do with

For the longest time I have made do with what I have. I tend to wear clothes and shoes until they become unacceptable for the public eye (okay, shoes are a bit of a cheat, seeing as I don’t really wear them – but when I do have a pair they last a good ten years!). Our TV cabinet has been an old coffee table for the last 6 years. I have the ugliest laptop bag that I got for cheap, but you know, it was functional. I needed one, and it was the right price. Our couches were cast offs from family members and friends… You get the picture. We’re a young family, we tend to do things on the cheap.

However, a change has occurred.

I’ve been on the hunt for a TV cabinet for months now. Six months, or more. The problem we have is threefold: it needs to be high enough that Natalie can’t touch it, leaving streaky finger prints all over it, or attempt to push it over (she has been trying, and almost succeeding lately!). It needs to be less than 120cms across, as that’s how far it is between the wall and fireplace surround. It had to be a certain depth and have the right sized spaces in it, in order to fit a media PC, which is much bigger than a DVD player, or pay-tv box thingamajig. (HA! Thingamajig is an actual word, there is no red line to tell me I spelled it wrong!).

Anyways. After much searching, after almost settling for something hideously ugly because it would mean the safety of our TV, and our media PC (the kids have a habit of pushing buttons, and feeding it crumbs), I finally found something for the perfect price. Something completely functional, but also something that I wanted.

Of course, I purchased it, and we picked it up a couple of days later. Once we’d got the TV and everything set up again, in the new cabinet, I sat back in awe.

Apart from being a really great cabinet that works well, it makes the lounge seem a million times tidier. And it makes me feel kind of, well, grown up, for lack of a better term. Another step away from the student flatting mindset where you just take what you can get and it doesn’t matter whether it fits in with anything else – as long as it does the job.

Of course, this means I started looking around the house and thinking about all the other things I might ‘want’. I realize I’ve avoided this for so long because it’s dangerous territory – balancing wants and needs. I’m totally browsing for couches…

I think as long as I am filling my needs with things that I also want, then I’m pretty safe. I’ve never been a big shopper, anyway, and I don’t intend to start now! Over time though, I am looking forward to seeing more things we like replace the things we’ve made do with. It’s a really nice feeling, looking at something and knowing that it’s just right for you.

As for the laptop bag – I’m replacing it. It’s so ugly that I’m not going to burn your eyes with an image, instead I will share with you my new bag, though it’s yet to arrive (damn you Etsy and your crafty, cool, wonderful stuff at some really great prices – even with the postage cost and currency conversion, it works out really reasonable for an NZ buyer, considering that comparable stuff is more expensive to buy in the country).


7 thoughts on “Things I like vs things that I make do with”

    1. hehe, I couldn’t resist! I’ll send you the link to the etsy shop if you want 🙂 I purchased it with money I’ve made from proof reading, which was lovely!

  1. I think it’s good to buy the things that we want, and not just make do with. I havebeen on that buzz since we bought our house. The only thing I’m still pissed off about with ‘making do with’ is my desk. Mike won’t let me get rid of it though, as it was his desk as a kid, and before him – his fathers. Soooooo. The plan is. Bumpkin can have the desk, and THEN I will get a new one / antique one.

    I think it’s great that you are looking your things with new eyes. It will make you feel so much better in the long run. Loving thy things, does not automatically make you materialistic.

    1. No, it doesn’t. I don’t think I could ever be called that lol.

      How funny about the desk! But at least Bumpkin will be along soon enough and you can get one to your own liking 😉 Now, if only we could win lotto, and then money wouldn’t be an issue.

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