School holidays are here!

It wasn’t until today that the reality really set in. I had my youngest down for a nap, and the other two were running around the lounge, screaming (happily) at each other. I was thinking to myself “I should be writing. This is the time, right now, where I should be getting some words on the page.” Of course, with all the noise that simply wasn’t going to happen.

A friend mentioned to me that she was being banished to the bedroom to write for the next month or so and it got me thinking – where else in the house could I move to? After just a smidgen of speculation and a few measurements, I began shifting my desk, and then my bookshelf, to form a little study/writing area in the dining room.

I’m right next to the lounge, so I’m still very close by, and it means that maybe I can get a few words out when the little one is asleep and the elder two are busy playing their involved games. Also, the dining table is right next to me, so when I do need to spread out with books and articles etc for research next year, there will be plenty of room for that. The perfect solution! It’s really nice to have my bookshelf back as well. I need the extra storage space, and now I don’t have to go through two other rooms to get to it.


I have a feeling this means I will definitely hit my goal of 20K by Christmas. I’m sitting at 14.5K right now and LOVING my novel.

Oh, and in other news – the winner of that cute little notepad was Karen! Congrats, hon! I’ll grab your address and get it in the post early next week, hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas 🙂


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