Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow!

Well, the school holidays are all but over and there is a warmth spreading through me at the knowledge. Tomorrow is only a day away. School starts up, Playcentre as well, and we can finally get back into some kind of routine.

I have been waiting for this day for a long time now, yet somehow it managed to sneak up on me. I had to hit the stores today to buy lunch boxes and stationary, because I kept thinking I had longer to get it done. But now Ivy’s books are covered, her pencil case well stocked and her bag packed and ready to go for the morning (well, apart from her lunch, of course). I still have to organize the little girls bags, but that won’t take long.

Tomorrow is so close. SO close.

And the best bit? I’ve actually had a little sleep the last couple of nights so tomorrow I intend to spend the girls nap time writing. I am itching to get words down on Sun-Touched, I’m craving a little time and space to map out the new outline for TCM. I’m so excited by both projects and can’t wait to have some extra time to dedicate to them.

Roll on tomorrow!


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