Why I (probably) just un-followed you

I just had the most epic Twitter clean out, and it feels incredible. I went from following 1, 231 people, to following a mere 194, and I finally feel like I can check into twitter now without feeling the energy being sucked from my very soul.

It’s a good feeling.

No offence what-so-ever to those thousand or so people I just unfollowed. Some of you are amazing talents, some of you are best selling authors, or fancy lit agents, or huge publishing companies. Some of you are just people, or other writers like me and there is nothing you did to make me tick that box.

The simple fact is that I’ve had enough of big numbers. They mean nothing. I want to be able to have conversations again. To connect. To get to know people. Β To keep up with the tweets of the people I know, rather than people I don’t. If I did delete you, but you want the same, then please, send me a tweet! Spark up a convo! I love to chat.

I feel unburdened. And I can actually read my feed and see people I am familiar with and want to know about. It’s really lovely. I know this is not good twitter etiquette, and I expect to see my ‘followers’ number drop dramatically in no time. It doesn’t bother me at all. This writer needs less junk in her head, thanks πŸ˜‰


15 thoughts on “Why I (probably) just un-followed you”

    1. You’re welcome! I have to tell you, it’s really nice to check into twitter and actually go, oh I know all of you people and I love that I can see what you’re saying!

      1. That does sound appealing – I usually just log in and look at one or two things before my eyes glaze over, and then I end up missing what the people I’m actually interested in are up to. That’s it… Clear Out Twitter has just made the To Do List for the week.

  1. Good on you for biting the bullet. I have a list called ‘tokeepocaughtupwith’ which is… basically what it says on the can. About 30 people, most of whom I consider personal friends. I scroll back and read everything on that every day or so. There are some times when I do like watching my 500 odd followers tweet over an idle ten minutes, or even scrolling back over an hour, but there’s no way I can keep up with everything they tweet, nor do I want to miss what some others are saying.

    1. I never really figured out how to do lists, which meant that I never made any and twitter just got more and more overwhelming for me. I’m super pleased to have scaled way back and that I can now actually see what people are up to and have more conversations. At least you have that list, that makes life easier!

  2. I have been debating doing this myself. Right now, I follow a list of certain people mainly so I can keep up with those I really know. Then I have an even smaller list of people whose tweets go straight to my phone, that way I never miss your tweets. Because otherwise… I’d go insane trying to keep up with mine too.

    1. If you have a system for managing it, and it works, then you’re probably fine. I had no system, and failed at lists etc, lol so I had to keep it simple and just unfollow! I think as long as you feel okay about what you’re doing with it, that’s the main thing.

  3. Ah, twitter clean outs. Excellent idea. I do this about once a month I think, and if I didn’t have lists, I’d go nuts – probably because I’m a complete science geek so I have followed a couple of hundred (no exaggeration) science related accounts, and if I had to filter through all of that to get to my actual friends, it’d be impossible!

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