Regaining Momentum

Once again, it’s been a long time since I posted anything – I appear to be making a habit of this! Now it’s time to crush that habit and start forming some new ones.

Study this year has been a whole lot harder than last, and I still have many months ahead of me. However, I have made the decision not to let it kick my ass anymore, and not to let it keep getting in the way of making the writing progress I want to. I’ve been feeling really frustrated these last few months with my inability to balance my academic writing and my creative writing, but I think what I was lacking, was focus.

And now I have it. I’m not laying out all my plans here, but I DO have some, and hopefully it will be a way to keep me on track – keep writing, revising, editing. I’m currently madly in love with the series I am working on – paranormal romance set in  a small fictional NZ town – so that’s my primary focus at the moment. I’m not setting aside Sun-Touched, by any means, but I don’t have the right amount of head-space right now to rework it. As long as I have these assignments piling up, I think sticking to the more ‘fun’ easy writing is probably the best idea.

Fingers crossed it pans out! Better get back to some work hey?

How is everyone else doing? Is the year flying for you? Are you hitting your goals, or making new ones?


2 thoughts on “Regaining Momentum”

  1. Study this year has so far kicked my ass, to the point where I actually withdrew from all but one class. Now I’m finishing that off, and then taking a break from it for the rest of the year. As much as I love learning, I’m really looking forward to not having assignments to do, and when I pick it up in 2014, my batteries will be recharged.

    I’m on a bit of a break from everything at the moment – just taking a step back and living life a little more offline than usual and counting down the days til SoCNoC. I’m tossing up between working on an old piece and tackling something completely new.

    Glad to hear things are going well for you and you’re getting your focus back 🙂

    1. Hey Jhakka, I have been wondering where you’d disappeared to! Sounds like taking some time off things was a really good call. I’m sorry to hear study was so hard on you this year, but as you say, the break will do you good and you can get back to it recharged in the new year.

      Gosh, I can’t believe how close SoCNoC is! I might have to try and participate this year I think.

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