What would I do, without my to-dos?

Recently a few writer friends have been on my case a bit. Between study, and the kids, I’d lost my writing drive and was fumbling around not making much progress at all. Gah. How often that seems to happen…

Anyway, back to the point of the post. Near the end of April, one friend suggested that we make weekly goals for May and see how that helps. I have long been a fan of to-do lists, so this seemed like an awesome idea to me!

That said, I had only really done lists for a day at a time, and when I made plans, there were only ever general deadlines, rather than specific dates. She whipped up a handy little sheet that we’re sharing between us, with each week having space for 7 items. I was surprised by how quickly I could break down my tasks and balance out the weeks, and even more surprised when only one day in, I had already ticked several things off! Not even two weeks in, I have ticked everything off my first two weeks, some from week three, and even a couple from week four.

I’m already thinking about what to line up for next month…

Obviously, this is going to work for me. It feels AMAZING to be making progress again and I’m really hoping that by balancing out my tasks on the list I can finally break down the mental barriers that have seen me either writing OR studying, and not both in the same day. Fingers crossed. Or not, because I can’t really get much done that way, but you get my drift.

How do you break down the mountain of tasks in your life, whether writing related or not?


5 thoughts on “What would I do, without my to-dos?”

  1. Lists don’t always work for me. Sometimes I need a day to day list just to get me moving & other times a list won’t even get me out of bed no matter what is on it. I do love lists when they work though, precisely because it helps give you a visual representation of goals reached. My hubby laughs on occasion when I wave my phone or piece of paper in front of him and exclaim that I completed a list. (In good nature of course)

    Other times it’s by sheer will power that I get anything done at all.

    1. I know those days, Cheryl. I think we all have them! Glad that mine are getting fewer and further between now though – I hope yours do too. My hubby laughs at me and my lists as well, actually he laughs for the same reason! I get so excited when I can tick stuff off and see how far I have come šŸ™‚

  2. ooh, I love this idea! I need lists šŸ˜› Sometimes I need to write a list of the lists I want to write šŸ˜‰

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