Yesterday, the first post went live on a new project I hinted at in my first post of the year – 42nd Parallel, a group blog about all things SFF, which will feature posts from a range of fantastic writers I know, both in NZ and Australia. You can check out the contributors page here.
So, what IS the 42nd Parallel? Here is the guts of it, straight from the about page:

Welcome to the 42nd Parallel. We’re a group of bloggers and authors who are passionate about science fiction and fantasy in all styles and forms. We’re particularly interested in promoting SFF from Australia and New Zealand as it tends to be lesser known and, we believe, different. We’re also interested in SFF that explores race, gender and locations that aren’t euro-centric.
Don’t get me wrong, we all grew up on Tolkien and Eddings and McCaffrey and other classics. But the world has grown and expanded, and we want to look further, to works that explore different cultures and viewpoints.
Coming from the culture that brought the world such seminal works as On The BeachMad Max and Under the Mountain, we believe there’s more to SFF than ancient kings and white men in space.
We want to build a community of passionate fans who love to explore new worlds and new ideas. So come and join us.  Have your say. You can even contribute to the blog with news or articles if you like.

The first entry is Sci-Fi in need of a good laugh? by the awesome Graham Storrs, and today my first post about Hearthstone will be going live. We’re going to be having a slew of posts in the first weeks, after which you can expect about 2 updates per week on a whole range of things – movies, games, books, anything sff.
Personally I’m very much looking forward to having a place where I can get all fangirl about whatever takes my fancy 😉
If you’re on facebook, come on over and give us a like!