An idea, I haz it!

Sometimes you get ideas at the strangest times. This probably isn’t one of those times.

Yesterday morning when Ivy and I were working on one of the modules for her ‘Becoming Human’ anthropology class, I was struck with the memory of an idea I’d once had. The video had just been giving us information on a woman who supposedly had given birth to 69 babies back in the mid 1700’s, and it brought to mind a story that I had begun writing at some point last year, and never followed through on. Naturally, it features a mother. (One day, my stories might stop centering around mothers).

I felt that instant jolt of ‘OH!!!!!’ and then once I’d finished helping Ivy study I went and dug out the file for the story, buried so deep that I had to use the search function to find it. The idea needs a lot of fleshing out, so I’m really excited to spend some time doing that this month, and I’ve signed up for the minimum word count (10,000) over at Camp Nanowrimo with the intention of writing the bulk of it in April. My first assignments aren’t due until May, so it *should* work out. 10K isn’t too much, and with luck this will run on the shorter novella side of things.

I knew something would crop up 🙂 For the first time in ages I am really excited by research and world-building, and it will just be so nice not to be editing or revising for a bit!


1 thought on “An idea, I haz it!”

  1. Yay for ideas! That sounds really interesting. Good luck!

    I cheated with my word count goal. It wouldn’t let me save 30 (as in “30 poems in 30 days”), so I put in 12,000 which is 400 words per day, and I’m just going to knock off 400 for each completed poem. Like you, I wanted to do something, but I couldn’t face another novel, and it needed to be something that could realistically be done around uni work etc. I actually think it’s going to be quite tough, but I’m really looking forward to a completely different challenge.

    Here’s to Camp!! 😀

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