That thing where…

You realize that you’ve actually written quite a lot of sex type stuff in your work and it suddenly hits you that when you publish those stories, people will actually (hopefully) READ them and then you might at some point have to look some of those people in the eye from time to time.


It’s a funny thing, really, because I have never stopped to think about this before. I am pretty sure that none of my published stories have tapped into the ‘romance’ side of my writing, though I have written a lot of sexual elements, relationships, and whatnot. I’ve handed them out to beta readers without a second thought. Yet for some reason today when a friend text me a comment about something I’d totally forgotten I’d written (and giggled with endlessly about on gchat with her at the time), it struck me that this will all be out in the open at some point.

O.M.G. I have this vision of me choreographing sex acts on stage while an audience watches…I think I’m more nervous than those performing the act.

And to think I’ve been advising others who write romance to just ignore the people who raise eyebrows at them* – now it’s me having a mini panic over it! It really is funny how things can hit you all of a sudden, and I guess, as I make the long walk towards publishing, I’ll have many more of these moments and realizations.

For now I will try not to think about the general public reading sex scenes that I’ve written. I guess it can’t be any worse than them reading murder, torture, or other expressions of violence… right?

*though I do stand by that – write what you love and if you enjoy writing the racy stuff then good for you! I shall get over my nerves soon enough.


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