Most days I wear many hats – mother, wife, teacher, writer, editor, student, crit partner, house cleaner. The list could go on, but I think you get the point.

On the majority of days I get quite a kick out of juggling so many things. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making a plan and having it all unfold beautifully, although I’m also quite fond of the days where things don’t go to plan and I have to make back up plans on the fly to fit everything in. That can be incredibly satisfying.

But there are so many variables in my life that some days even trying to formulate a plan to begin with feels like a joke, and I have to laugh hysterically at my attempts to control the chaos. Depending on my mood, which is pretty variable in itself, I crave or cower from that chaos. Some days, I drop a ball. Some days they are all over the place, flying wildly, my limbs tangling as I try to keep everything in the air. And other days I drop them all.

And that’s okay. That’s really just life. As long as the next day I can get back up, pick up even one of those balls I’m trying to juggle and toss it back up, well then I’m doing just fine 🙂


4 thoughts on “Juggling”

  1. Well, I think your amazing at juggling!! A force to be reckoned with. So take a deep breath on the hard days, pat yourself on the back, and roll with it. We can always make plans for the next day 🙂 xx

  2. Oh gracious yes…nothing like that sick feeling when you realize you did something dumb like save an older manuscript file over one that was more current. I almost cried over that goof because it was days of editing gone.

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