Well, my A-Z went a bit off track. L was lost in space, and M went missing in a malaise created by sickness and aches and pains (not all of them mine, thankfully).
So now it’s N, and time to get back on track! No worries!
Life is a bit like this sometimes right? And it’s far better to roll with the punches than get caught up feeling stressed about all the things you wanted to do and then didn’t manage.
Personally, I’m just pleased that we’re past this vomiting bug (well, unless me or the eldest gets sick… *crosses fingers that doesn’t happen*) and that things are looking up again. I’ve been getting some writing and study done today and it feels good to have a head clear enough to do so.
Gotta make the most of the good days, and not worry too hard on the bad ones.
Now, I better get my thinking cap on for O! Any suggestions?