#notebookappreciation is something a few friends and I were chatting about on twitter the other night. After clearing out my desk I came across some much neglected notebooks, and some that had been used for study. Well, that’s all been resolved now and I thought it was time to share some of my favourite notebooks with the world, seeing as I’m hoping to do more handwritten work for brainstorming ideas and planning. There is something about connecting pen with paper that helps unblock, untangle and solve a whole bunch of problems.
IMG_20141014_084220155So, here is my current fav. This is the one that goes everywhere with me right now. This notebook languished in a kitchen cupboard for a bit. I purchased it to add recipes that I found online and really liked, but I think I only managed to put 3 in there, 2 of which I use so often I don’t need the recipe anymore. I love it for a few reasons:
A) The Beatles!! My parents were big Beatles fans. I grew up listening to their records so they have a special place in my heart. When I saw this, it gave me a massive jolt of nostalgia. Instant purchase.
B) It has tear out pages, which is great for me. As much as I love writing in notebooks, I also like to declutter them at times. I can jot down anything in this one and then tear out the pages easily – I can then stick them into another notebook if they belong with a different set of notes, or chuck it out entirely. Win!
C) the paper is really nice to write on. It’s got a lovely smooth texture that makes the pen flow across it. <3
IMG_20141014_084310879Oh and D), it’s also got different coloured tabs on it!! I like this as well, because I can separate out my thoughts. At one point the blue was for novel revision notes (actually, still is). The red had notes from my readings for assignments, the green had notes about home schooling stuff, and the grey has been permanently neglected, but I’m sure I’ll correct that soon.
Some of the gals from twitter also have Beatles notebooks, so I know I’m not alone!!
What is your favourite notebook and why?
I’m keen to get some new ones and indulge in more handwriting.