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myWriteClub – Sprint edition!!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love myWriteClub with a passion. The ability to set goals using a range of units of measure, to track progress, and cheer other people on all work for me – there is little I love more than seeing the deadline approach, seeing my little line go up and (preferably) getting that glee from being ahead of where I need to be – or conversely, that surge of motivation to work harder if I have slipped behind. It’s good motivation for me and I’m a firm believer in doing what works.

I also love word sprints, though at times I get distracted, what with kids and all.

Well, myWriteClub has solved that. Last night a friend sent me a link to MWC’s new sprint page and I was full of “OH MY GOD!”. I’ve used Write or Die in the past and enjoyed the frenetic pace, and I really enjoyed writing in OmmWriter historically as well. MWC has managed to come up with something that ticks both of those boxes for me – A TIMER, and a nice, clean, simple page to write in. What’s even better is that my friends can be in the sprint as well and I can watch their word count bars go up!!! I ducked in earlier to grab a screen shot for you, and saw someone who’d been diligently writing away. He demonstrates the awesome shiny that is the gold star you receive when you hit 1000 words, and the regular stars you gain for each 100 words you write.

SprintWhile it’s still in beta, it’s certainly hitting the spot for me. There are some tweaks I hope we see in the future,  but Andrew is super responsive and hopped into the sprint last night to chat with us about it – yet another thing I love about this site.

If timers and sprinting work for you, then you should totally check it out. Sprints start on the hour and the half hour, run for 25 mins and have a 5 minute window in between so you can pop into the chat window and encourage each other. I was feeling super flat yesterday, had struggled to write a mere 458 words over the whole day. Seriously it was like pulling teeth. But then I decided to test out the sprint function. Well. I started, and before I knew it, 25 minutes was up and I had a massive total of 1148 words or something. I couldn’t believe it.


5 thoughts on “myWriteClub – Sprint edition!!”

  1. CASSIE! Idk if you remember me… I used to have the blog under the name “Chibi Doucet”. I ended up making a new one because I let the domain name run out, unfortunately, and scooped the name out from under me.

    I can’t believe you’ve published a book! I’m so jealous of you right now, you don’t even know. And really proud at the same time because you kept going and YOU DID IT, girl you should be so proud of yourself too.

    1. Chibi! Like I could ever forget you 🙂 So pleased you stopped back by again! I wondered where you went to. Thank you 🙂 I am proud of myself – lots more books where that one came from though! Gonna head on over and check out your new blog 😉 Don’t be a stranger!

      1. I know I kind of dropped off the face of the earth there for a little while… tbh I didn’t do any original writing for a long time, so I stopped with the blog. But this year I’m going to try to work on my original writing, because I’d love to get a book self published!

  2. It happens, Chibi – great to hear that you’re back into it! best of luck with the year ahead 🙂 Self publishing is a lot of fun. Let me know if you need a hand with anything 🙂

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