A-Z challenge, Characters, Kotahi Bay, The Way the Sky Curves

M is for Melody

Meet Melody. Sister of Jake. Female lead of The Way the Sky Curves. This picture was howMelody I imagined her when I first started writing, though she has morphed a bit and changed along the way. When I first found her, she was reminiscing about her home and the way it made her feel, she was a little lost, a little broken. A little sharp at times – which is all exacerbated when she returns home to the Bay.

The wind used to love me. It used to twist its fingers through my hair and kiss my cheek. It used to wrap around my body and respond to my whims. But here in this city, within the confines of this barren concrete cage, I cannot hear it sing.

Melody is… Well, I think you’re either going to love her, or you’re not. I feel quite protective of her, which is funny considering she’s a character in my head and not even out in the world yet, but she had a rough start and I feel for her. I hope you love her, because we all deserve a little love, a second chance, the opportunity to do better and learn from our mistakes. And Melody has made plenty of them. But she’s trying. Really, she is.


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